One will find that living with a serious disease such as oral cancer is a real ordeal. Concern for the family, holding on to the job or even continuing with mundane daily chores worry. The treatment, managing the side effects, hospital stays and mounting medical bills are the other concerns. The medical fraternity like doctors and nurses and other members of the health care team can answer queries about the treatment, working or other activities. One can meet up with social workers, counsellor or member of the clergy to discuss your feelings and concerns. Meeting up with social workers can be of help as they can suggest resources for financial aid and help find solutions to family issues.

Support groups can be of vital help. Here, patients and / or their family members can meet up with other patients or their families and share their experiences. Such group support is available in person, over the telephone or one may find it on the internet. Even members of your health care team can suggest and help you find a suitable support group.

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