S.P.O.T Centres
What is a S.P.O.T. Centre?
Oral cancer detection and prevention Initiative, S.P.O.T. Centre, is an IDA Certified Oral cancer detection and prevention Centre where the dentist would not just take care of your teeth, but would also be in a position to help you in tracking any changes in your mouth. Your dentist is a trained Professional and the clinic is equipped with the necessary supportive infrastructure, including CD’s for educating and informing you, Booklets and other educational materials.  

So if you are looking for Oral Cancer help, your search ends at your local dental clinic. Oral Care was never so inclusive, versatile and easy…

Dental Clinic - A good option for Oral Cancer Prevention and Detection?

Dental Clinics could be an excellent source for Oral Cancer prevention and detection, why?

There are a multiple reasons that make a dental clinic an ideal option:

  • Dental Clinics are an exclusive oral care centre, with the dentist as an oral care professional having a detailed knowledge about your oral structure.
  • The dental clinic is place where you spend more time: - in the waiting room as well as in the treatment area. So if all this time is utilized, can effectively help the patient to learn more about Oral Cancer, its risks.
  • A dentist is a person who examines your mouth closely and is in a position to notice the slightest deviation from health in the oral cavity.
  • Your dental care regimen can be effectively combined with the Oral cancer regimen thus making it both time and cost effective.
  • A dentist is a health care professional who spends ample time with the patient; from the diagnosis through the treatment and the follow ups. If used effectively this time can prove valuable for Oral cancer detection and prevention Education and motivation.

The above facts clearly depict the important role that dental clinics can acquire in Oral cancer all over the country.

The Benefits of visiting a S.P.O.T. Centre:
  • The working of S.P.O.T. Centre is based on systematic data recording structure where all the patient record and the progress at each and every stage of the treatment stored.
  • The information is easily retrievable and simple to use….so that a ready report card for the visual progress in the treatment which serves as a motivation for you and treatment efficacy scale for your dentist.
  • Moreover a S.P.O.T. clinic has a trained dental professional with the necessary infrastructure to support the Oral cancer detection and prevention being carried out.
  • There is also a follow up facility, to improve the long term success rate.
Availing the S.P.O.T. Advantage

The S.P.O.T. Clinics are a ready at hand resource and an extremely easy access mode. The S.P.O.T. Centres are available across the country.

These S.P.O.T. Centres chain is easily accessed at this website and you can take an appointment right here on this website at your nearest S.P.O.T. Centre.

Just visit the “Find a S.P.O.T. Centre” option and take an appointment at a click.

This facility is bought to you at an easy access at the S.P.O.T. website absolutely FREE.

The appointment schedule is intimated to you on your telephone/mobile/mail by the S.P.O.T. Centre that you’ve selected.

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