S.P.O.T. Centre Registration
Membership Schemes Apply For S.P.O.T Centre
Make your Clinic a S.P.O.T. Centre
Early detection means early intervention, a few extra minutes spent in consultation and examination of your patient, results in healthier patient's life.
During normal inspection, doctors might find pre-cancerous lesions such as white patches or red patches on the mucous membrane in the oral cavity. Dentist is able to recognize oral cancer by observing the changes in the mucous membrane lining in the mouth.
S.P.O.T. centre would give you an opportunity to transform your dental clinic into surveillance and detection clinics for early detection of melanoma in patients who are at elevated risk of developing a malignant lesion. This involves you in a noble role of service provider.

So, a S.P.O.T. Centre-
  • Provides valuable service of early diagnosis and treatment for oral cancer to patients.
  • Cancer generates negative emotions. At S.P.O.T. Clinics the professionals are taught to respond to this negativity. This psychosomatic effect can influence the degree to which we are able to respond to it, live with it or get the most out of life during its course. Counselling given at S.P.O.T. centre is one method of support that both the individual and their family can use to ease the stress of dealing with the cancer condition.
  • Professionals are trained to understand the patients and family's feelings of frustration, anger, guilt and grief.

Convert your clinic into S.P.O.T. centre which offers avenues both for personal growth and therapy centre which provides an holistic approach to emotional healing and personal development. Gain from the extensive experience in working with cancer patients and their families as they are shocked, directionless and afraid.

SPOT Centre Benefits

As soon as you are accepted as a S.P.O.T. Centre Member, you will receive a S.P.O.T. Centre kit. This S.P.O.T. Centre kit is a very valuable start up tool.

The S.P.O.T. centre kit contains-
  • CD for the dentist: Value enriched with information for the dentist to start the Oral Cancer prevention and detection at his/her clinic. The CD is information- packed with ready to use supportive graphic and videos, so as to make it comprehensive and easy to understand.
  • CD for patients: Using simple, convincing language and images, the CD's educate patients about early signs of cancer, advantages of prompt detection and treatment.
  • Manual: Packed with information about Oral Cancer prevention and detection. This manual is an informative guide that can readily be applied to facilitate the routine examination by the dentist in the process of Oral Cancer Detection.
  • Poster: Displays educative information about Oral Cancer facts. This prepares the patient with information which he/she can clarify during the visit.
  • Handouts: Leaflets are packed with information about the signs and symptoms, risks and prompt thinking for behaviour change.
  • Software for recording patient data: Readily installed on the clinic’s computer. This software is easy to use and helps keep track of relevant in-depth information about the patient. This can also be made into an effective educational tool for the patient to show his/her report card of progress.
S.P.O.T. Centre Training
A specialized training would be provided to all the S.P.O.T. centre dental professionals, to strengthen their service for cancer detection and prevention. These S.P.O.T. trainings would be brought to you by the experts in the oral cancer field. It allows doctors to deliver better care to patients by early detection and this greatly increases the chances for successful treatment. Recognizing possible warning signs of cancer and taking prompt action leads to early diagnosis. Increased awareness of possible warning signs of cancer, among dentists is important for screening. Screening refers to the use of simple tests across a healthy population in order to identify individuals who have disease, but do not yet have symptoms.
Training for S.P.O.T. clinics helps in better recovery of a person with early detection.
Requirements for S.P.O.T. Centre
  • For Private Clinics
    • It should maintain strict sterilization and disinfection.
    • Essential armamentarium
      • Good pair of diagnostic instruments-mouth mirror, tongue depressor,etc.
      • Excellent lighting.
      • X ray machine/ RVG (to check for bone involvement).
    • Optional (at least 1 of the optional kits should be present)
      • Brush biopsy kit.
      • Toluidine blue kit.
      • Vizilite kit.
      • Velscope.
  • For Institutions or Hospitals
    • It can be a hospital or a Dental College Hospital with Radiotherapy facilities.
    • It should have at least 15 beds exclusively for cancer treatment.
    • The institute should have well- developed departments of Oral Medicine and Diagnosis, Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery, Radiology, Anaesthesia, Pathology and Haematology.
If the institution does not have all these facilities at the time of seeking certification, then it should give an undertaking that it will meet all the requirements within a period of 2 years.
S.P.O.T. Center Registration Guidelines
The General Details Section
In this section the applicant needs to fill in the details mentioned in the form, which can be suitably modified later.

Test Modules
Following this section the applicant has to take up a two module test that would evaluate the applicant’s understanding on various aspects of Oral Cancer.
The test result would give a score that would decide the applicant’s eligibility for S.P.O.T. Centre registration. If the score criterion is not met, the test can be re taken and resent for evaluation.
Once the test score is equal to or above the minimal score required for eligibility for S.P.O.T. centre registration the application process goes to the next stage.
The applicant would then be requested to make ONLINE payment for membership fees.
On the completion of the above process, the applicant would receive the TII Centre Registration.
Once registered, the applicant would be sent "The S.P.O.T. Kit" with the "S.P.O.T Registration Certificate".
The applicant after registration would be able to access the personal S.P.O.T Centre Account using the password on this website and maintain a complete record of his/her S.P.O.T Centre.
Oral Cancer Foundation Members
Membership Schemes Apply For OCF Membership
Become an OCF Member
Here is your opportunity to join the group of professionals who are involved in Oral Cancer screening. The Oral Cancer Foundation’s membership is a platform for all the professionals to play their part in the battle against Oral Cancer through primary prevention and changing habits & lifestyles. This membership is to equip you with the ammunition of information needed for battling Oral Cancer by the early detection of malignant or potentially malignant lesions through screening.
What does the OCF Membership offer you?
  • It provides you the access to unlimited information on the OCF website, online discussion forums and the OCF news, thus paving the path to the unlimited resource of information, knowledge and experience.
  • Entitles you to participate in the OCF activities like the seminars, panel discussions, workshops etc.
  • You can become the OCF Activity Associate by contributing to the activities with your experiences and knowledge.
Apart from the above, you would also be able to get access to the OCF stationary for Public education like-
  • Literature for professionals in tobacco intervention.
  • Educational CDs.
  • Posters.
  • Hand outs.
These resources will arm you as a dentist to perform a clinical service that is “in the public interest, in the highest of dental standards and has the best potential for the growth of your dental practice.”
Requirements for OCF Membership
Obtaining the OCF membership is a simple process. If you are a professional interested in Oral Cancer prevention then just apply for the OCF membership right away. The membership process is quick and easy and the fee for the membership is nominal. Get started for this easy and resourceful guide for campaigning against Oral Cancer.
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